My new kayak

I LOVE my Jackson Kilroy DT tandem fishing kayak. It is a Caddilac among kayaks – big, smooth, stable, room for the whole family. I love it just as much when I take it out alone, but on those occasions Dave always helps me launch it, because there is 0% chance I could move it by myself. In fact we would have had it out several times already this spring, except I hurt my back and didn’t want to make it worse by moving it.

I caught a couple fish from the dock already this spring, so I’m feeling more confident about this year. I just need to get out on the water so I don’t get there and find all the good spots on the dock taken.

I love kayaking. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, and good arm exercise too. So I want to get out as much as I can. So after much research I added a new toy to my fleet – an Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable kayak.

This is a tandem kayak, but can be setup as a single fishing kayak as well. Plenty of room, nice and wide so it feels stable, and not very expensive (just under $200). It is light enough I can grab it with one arm and carry it while carrying my paddle in my other hand. I haven’t timed it, but inflating it feels like it takes about 5 minutes. Not bad at all.

It has a little keel that snaps on underneath and I forgot it my first trip out and it was challenging to steer. I put it on the second time out and it was much better behaved.

So tonight I took it out after work and fished around this fallen tree not far from the dock and within 10 minutes I had caught a little perch, this little crappie, and had several bites I didn’t hook up!

Lots of fun! It was very peaceful away from the dock. I stayed out until the sunset started coloring the sky, then headed back to shore. No problem deflating the kayak and loading it into the Flex by myself. I think I’m going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it this summer.

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