Bridal Veil Falls, Horsetail Falls

Back to the Gorge for some more waterfall hiking. Stopped at the Portland Women’s Forum Overlook again. That’s a nice place to get out and stretch after getting on the old Highway.

This sign had a nice history of the building of the highway. I particularly liked this part:

“Standing here I realized the magnitude of my task and the splendid opportunity presented. Instinctively there came a prayer for strong men, and that we might have sense enough to do the thing in the right way…so as not to mar what God had put there… Samuel C Lancaster, Engineer, 1915”

I think that’s an attitude that is sadly lacking in so many endeavors today. Many thanks to those who created the access for us to enjoy this natural playground.

I headed on down the highway to Bridal Veil Falls. It is one of the first falls you come to, and it is just an easy walk to the falls, not even a half mile, on a very civilized gravel path, so of course it was quite popular, and I was lucky to get a spot in the trailhead lot.

Pretty little flowers along the path.

Finally the path goes up some stairs, over a couple little bridges, and takes you to the waterfall, which is kind of around a corner. There is a small viewing platform for admiring it.

The water flows into the pool, and then continues downhill, but walking down to the stream, you can barely see the waterfall.

Very pretty, still. I was happy with this shot.

And a little farther downstream, past one of the bridges. I love the way the water turned out on this one.

Afterwards I took a stroll around the path that goes around the parking lot, and out to the edge of the cliffs. I stopped to read this sign about Native American traders, and was a bit taken aback by how they slipped ‘Slaves’ in there with basketry!

More flowers on the path.

The path goes out to the cliffs with a nice view across the river to Cape Horn. Phoca Rock is visible out in the river. You can click on this pic to get a bigger version.

I was certainly not worn out yet, so I headed on down the old highway, looking for something else to do. After driving past some of the bigger attractions, I came to Horsetail Falls, and was surprised to see it was right there by the highway!

About then the rains came back and I decided to head home. Nice easy day of visiting waterfalls though. I really enjoy my weekly ramblings.


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