GTAV Update

So, here it is about 2 1/2 years after release, and I am still playing Grand Theft Auto 5 as my primary game of choice when I have a few minutes to sit down and play. And we still play together, Dave and I, on our two xboxes, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. It’s pretty fun. It is a wide open world, and you can do anything – though sometimes it seems like what I primarily do is crash planes.

These are all taken with the in-game camera…

And they frequently end up on fire…

Good thing the game sends firefighters to clean up my mess!
Thanks guys! Sorry about that…
Sometimes the game acts glitchy.

Whoa! That ain’t right!
Dave and I get up to some shenanigans together online. Here is his character posing next to a chopper he just wrecked.

And here he is in a chopper hovering outside my apartment window. That blows my mind that they have built that into the game. I can see what’s happening outside my apartment through the windows!

Some of my favorite toys. Nice that I can have a candy red 68 vette in the game, since I no longer have one in real life. The one in the game requires a LOT less maintenance!

This game is fun, beautiful, surprising, and exhilarating – even a couple years after release. I still keep finding new things to do. The other night I spent an hour trying to parachute and land in a church belltower. Such fun! And sometimes I’ll just park my bike and enjoy a virtual sunset over the ocean, and that’s ok too.


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