OMSI Maker Mini-Fair

I saw our artist friend Tim Klein post that he would be down at the Mini-Maker Fair at OMSI with his ‘Yarn Car’. Since I had not gotten to see the yarn car in person yet, we decided to head down there and see what was up.

There was so much cool stuff going on!!

Human powered rides!

Crazy bicycles!

You know you’re in Portland when…

We had a nice long chat with a drone pilot who was flying his drone out over the Columbia river, which seemed pretty daring to me!

Finally we got to what we had originally come for: Tim Klein & The Yarn Car!!


Here’s how you polish a sphere.

Or maybe you want to just wood-work a sphere with amazing inlays.

One of my favorite pictures: New and old tech merge as a guy makes a Plein Air painting of a CNC Router.

Portland Center Stage Prop Dept brought a Dalek!

This guy was doing ice carving…

Finally stopped for lunch.

Hey, it’s Dave!

Last stop: the newly-opened Tillikum Bridge – for MAX and pedestrians only!

Dave with Dunce-cap spire 🙂 After a day in the hot sun, he is no longer amused…


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