Our grand trip to Fresno! Part 1


A few months ago we decided to take along weekend in March. My work requires us to use up our vacation time from the previous year by the end of March, and I get a Birthday day-off in March as well, so I put those together and made a 4 day weekend on my birthday. The only thing we had to figure out was where to go. We had done a really fun trip several years ago to San Francisco, and drove down to Hearst Castle, so we were thinking maybe after all our trailer travels, it was time for another Fly n’ Drive adventure. Dave set it all up – a spectacular weekend in Fresno, California!

Although I enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions went I told them we were taking a vacation in Fresno, where it sounds like most people would only stay at by force, we had a good reason: It was a short plane flight away, surrounded by interesting possible destinations, and in the center of Fresno is a little attraction Dave has had on his to-do list since he saw it on one of those Extreme Home shows many years ago – an underground home that’s open for tours! I’ll admit I was a little more excited about it’s proximity to Yosemite.

So we headed to PDX at o’dark thirty in the morning, and caught a plane to San Jose. And for the first time ever, I got to walk out on the tarmac to board!



As an airplane geek, that was actually really cool!



Well, it’s dark, and quiet, nothing but the drone of the engines, might as well catch some sleep.



Somewhere over southern Oregon…



It looks like the clouds are on fire.

Then I look out the window and what do I see way off in the distance? No way…



Well, Golden Gate, we’ll be seeing you again later…




First stop: Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Aquarium was awesome, but expensive. And pretty crowded for a weekday. It had a lot of really great exhibits though.





I could watch the jellies all day.


On to the BIG tank.




There was a big round tank with a school of these little guys, Sardines maybe? Just going around and around.



These penguins were hanging out in the viewing area, which I thought would make a nice picture…


Until they started ‘getting it on’!


Aww, they look happy.





The hidden Octopus.




Well, that was fun, but it was time to move on, so we headed towards the valley of Central California, where we saw lots and lots of this:



While studying a map over breakfast I had seen Pinnacles National Park. That sounded promising, so we headed for that as our next destination. The landscape sure didn’t look like someplace where you would find anything called Pinnacles though. We were in for a treat.



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