A new Camera – jumping ship to Sony

As I have gotten more advanced in my photography – I have a regular paying gig shooting the plays at Magenta, and I have my own website where I can sell prints, I’m getting ready to do another gallery show with the photo club, and I have been working on my portrait skills – I have been feeling like my Nikon is just not doing it for me. I have not been happy with my D5100 since I bought it. It just hasn’t been as easy to use as my previous Nikon was, and the picture quality has been very hit n’ miss. I switched to shooting in RAW about a year ago so I would have more control in post, and on the last trip we took I shot entirely in manual because I felt like it gave me more control to get the shots the way I wanted them. But I have not been very happy with the camera overall, and I have not been buying any lenses for it because I wasn’t sure I would stick with Nikon at all.

Yesterday, after much research, I decided to quit while I was ahead, and bought a Sony Alpha a6000. This is a mirrorless camera, so it is much smaller than the bulky D5100.

Excuse the crappy camera phone pic, but since both cameras were the subject…

Much smaller, much lighter, and yet a sensor that is just as big, and has more megapixels.The kit lenses are even equivalent – 18-55 on the Nikon, 16 -50 on the Sony, but look at the huge difference in size!

Most important is the controls and programming. Dave is always teasing that if Bigfoot ran by us on a hike, I’d have the D5100 ready to shoot sometime after he crested the next hill and disappeared! And sometimes when you push the shutter button the D5100 just second guesses you and refuses to shoot at all! So far the Sony is fast and has a fabulous auto-focus system that is quick to lock on and get the shot.

Navi with a muddy nose…

Some of my favorite test shots today have been in the aquariums. It’s usually so hard to get shots of the fish since they are constantly moving.

These are not bad for snapshots. I have shot off 15 or 20 aquarium shots with the Nikon and not gotten one worth keeping. So far the hit rate for the Sony is far superior. And I haven’t even turned on all the features yet!

I’m really excited to get to know this new camera! I’m feeling confident it will be the tool I need as I progress in building my skills towards being a pro.


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