A visit to Seattle Pt 1–Point Defiance Zoo


Last weekend we took the Airstream out. Now that the kids are back in school and summer is over, it’s the time for us cranky no-kid types to go traveling! We setup basecamp at Land Yacht Harbor in Lacey WA, a perfect place to leave our trailer behind while we ventured into the urban jungle of Seattle!




First stop: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It’s not Seattle, but it’s close enough for us. Everything north of Olympia and south of Vancouver BC is ‘Seattle’ as far as I’m concerned.

Point Defiance is big on the Aquarium part of their name. Starting with a beautiful stingray exhibit where you can pet the stingrays and sharks.



This one kept coming up to the edge and sticking his face out of the water. The blue dots on him were incredible!


Dave found a HUGE fish!




In the shark tank this guy kept cruising by, he was probably a couple feet long.



Then there were the sharks




After the sharks, they had a lovely display of smaller aquariums. I LOVE fish, so I was fascinated by all these displays.



Seahorses, so lovely!



This little guy came out and posed for me!



This little guy lives in a hole! Which is pretty amazing for a FISH!






So beautiful!



I love this stuff! I’ve never had the guts to have a saltwater aquarium. Better to enjoy it when someone else does the maintenance.



How many eels are in there?!



This guy put on a heck of a show, crawling all over the front glass, and finally hanging out and changing color from pink to brown! Amazing!

We headed out to the Zoo portion of the show.





This big cat had no intention of coming out in the cold morning air.






This flower looked like a flock of flamingos!



This flower I just thought was pretty.


On to the seal/sea lion exhibit:


Dave watching seal acrobatics



zooooom! They sure look like they’re having fun!



The sea lions were enormous. I wanted to get a shot of one with people in front of the window to show how big they are. When I got home and looked at the pictures, every one had people snapping pictures with their phones.



When we went to Disneyland and we were discussing what urban photography could show that would show what it’s really like in the twenty-teens, we decided it would show this. Everybody looking at their phones all the time. So there you go.

Next stop – the Museum of Flight…



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