We woke up to a crash this morning! I was still lazing around in bed, trying to deny that I had to get up and go to work, when a crashing noise on the roof convinced me to jump out of bed and at least look out the window. What I saw…

The neighbors huge tree had shed a giant limb from about twenty feet up, and it came crashing down on the corner of the house and our fence. 
We could see the broken branch it had come from way up high in the tree!
The neighbor is an elderly lady and her adult son was in the backyard when we went out to inspect the damage, and he made it clear he would have nothing to do with it and that she wasn’t around. His reaction could have been a little more helpful, but it was clear no help would be coming from there. 
After work a friend brought a lightweight chainsaw over and we cut it up into handle able size pieces and chucked it back over the fence. Luckily the bent fence boards went back into place once the weight was off of them. No damage done. But I am a little worried about the rest of that giant tree and what might peel off of it next. The old lady’s son said she can’t afford to have professionals come out and prune the tree. I certainly am not paying to prune her tree, but I’d rather not find myself paying for roof repairs next time. I guess we will just have to figure out what to do.

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