Spending time in another world


Sometimes I feel a bit of guilt that I enjoy videogames so much. After all, there is a big wide world out there to explore, why waste time on the couch exploring a virtual world? To me, there is hardly a better way to spend the little bits of time left at the end of a day. I would so much prefer playing in a world I can interact with, compared to watching TV. In fact I can hardly sit still to watch a TV show or a movie. Sometimes younger people act surprised that I play videogames, but I’ve been playing them my whole life! OUR generation started out with Atari 2600s, why should we quit playing when games just keep getting better every year?!

At the end of September, Dave gave me a present for HIS birthday! To keep me entertained while he was away working on a play.




The ‘world’ is huge, and finely detailed. I could forget it’s a game. Sometimes it looks like a movie.(There is an ‘in-game’ cell phone that lets you snap pictures of your adventures. That’s where all these pics come from.) Sometimes I just sit and enjoy the view, listening to the waves lapping at the beach.






So you start out the game as a small time criminal, running around doing jobs for various mobsters. I created a woman character, and named her ‘Amanda Hugnkiss’. After a couple weeks I saved enough for a crappy apartment and a garage.





For the first month or so I did every mission on that pink sport bike, I loved that thing!




Though I frequently found myself ‘borrowing’ other vehicles, like this Patriot that I accidentally high-centered. It was totally stuck, wheels spinning in the air, I laughed my butt off!


I really enjoy flying, and trying stunts, landing in strange places. Like in front of my apartment, and causing a traffic jam…




Though many landings don’t go that well…








Eventually I worked my way up to a fancy apartment, and a BIG garage! I wish it was that easy in real life. Oh wait, I did have to kill a lot of people to get that, I guess I probably wouldn’t do that in real life.




Sometimes there are ‘glitches’ to enjoy – little things that shouldn’t happen. Like when I found myself able to walk around underwater.




Or when I followed directions from a YouTube video to sneak off to the secret, snowy land of Ludendorff.




And the time she inexplicably started sporting a beard!




And some joker gave us $2 Billion dollars to play with, which changed the game drastically. Eventually they cleaned it up and removed all the ‘glitched’ money, but it still changed the game. Instead of grinding away to make money, suddenly everyone had money for all the ammo and cars and planes they could want.

For Christmas the game designers gave us all a present – a snowstorm in Los Santos (it’s supposed to be Los Angeles)




Along the way I picked out a few favorite vehicles – like a pink Mustang




And my ‘Bifta’ Dune Buggy




And our Rhino Tank (posed on top of the tallest building in the city)!




So once Dave had time he started playing it too. We play it differently – I like missions, he likes running around randomly causing havoc. You share this world with other real players, and you can fight each other, or team up to make amazing things happen. It’s a sandbox, you don’t have to have any particular purpose, and that’s ok. This game has been loads of fun, probably the most I have enjoyed a game since Red Dead Redemption (an open-sandbox cowboy-themed game from the same people) and I’m hoping they’ll keep adding new surprises to it to keep people playing for quite a while longer.





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