Mr Miata’s red interior

Ever since I saw a 1993 Limited Edition Miata on the lot in ’93 when I was shopping for my first Miata, and had to pass on it because it was out of my price range, I have wanted a black Miata with a red interior. Well, all these years later now I finally have a black Miata, so it’s time to get to work on that red interior.

Step One: door panels. This isn’t too hard, and I actually did this to my last red Miata. It starts with about $30 of red vinyl from the fabric store.
I had picked up a couple extra door panels from the junkyard when I bought the used top. To cover them in the red vinyl just requires a glue gun and a lot of patience.

I leave the original vinyl on, and use it as a pattern to follow the curves. Plus it has padding on it, so it looks nice when it is done. The extra thickness isn’t noticeable.

Here is the driver’s side ready to be installed.

And here is how the passenger side looks in the car. It has a few wrinkles but those should disappear as the material relaxes. I left the trim, including the speaker covers, black.
For my next trick, I plan to replace the shift boot with a red one, and paint the console and radio surround red, though I may have to wait for warmer weather for painting.

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