Happy Anniversary, Airstream

Ten years ago (I actually missed it by a couple days, it was April 20th, 2003) I brought home a camping trailer. After months of researching online, and hunting through ads, and never getting to actually see an Airstream in person, I placed a wanted ad in the paper, and got a call from a gentleman in Oregon who had one to sell. It wasn’t the Argosy with the big front windows I was looking for, but it did the trick just fine. It was beautiful and everything in it (sort of) worked.

We took it camping regularly, replaced the axle, replaced part of the floor, replaced most of the appliances over the years, and never missed a single camping trip. It’s been the catalyst for making many friendships all over the country and especially here in the NW with friends we regularly camp with. We’ve been through many ups and downs, and it is still our favorite toy, and the best money we ever spent on anything that rolls. It’s not just a vehicle, it’s like family.

Posts about the Airstream

Happy 10th Anniversary to our 1968 Caravel, which also turns 45 years old this year! I hope we’ll be traveling in it for many years to come! I guess I could also say happy Anniversary to the mighty van, which was purchased immediately after the Airstream to tow it, and has set a record for us as the longest we’ve ever owned a vehicle.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Airstream

  1. Wow! That is a long time to have a reliable vehicle. Your Airstream is only 2 yrs younger than me. lol!

    It's neat that you feel the same way about your Airstream that we do about our tent trailer.
    Whenever we see an Airstream, my kids always call out “Spud!!”…just like they do when they see a VW Bug and they call out “Slug a Bug!” lol@



  2. They do look like baked potatoes!

    I think I'd love a tent trailer where you are, but up here we spend most of our camping trips being rained on, the Airstream is a better choice 🙂


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