New fence

When we lived on our little farm, we built all the fences we needed. We built rail fences out of treated wood, built our own gates, put up field fences with pound-in posts, cemented in more gateposts than I care to count – did all that stuff ourselves. But now that we are in a neighborhood, I wanted our backyard fence to be done fast, and look good, and that meant someone who knew what they were doing should do it!

We had two reasons for putting up a fence. First of all, our neighbors across the street have pit bulls, and I do not trust them to keep them in their own yard, and I didn’t feel safe with our four foot gate on each end of the backyard. I wanted to make sure my dogs stay IN the backyard, and their dogs stay OUT.

Second of all, and probably most important, our view of the neighbor’s backyard really dominated our yard. No matter what we did, we were looking at this:


Woodpiles, old bird cages, stacks of tires, and blue tarps. Lovely.

So we called a few companies and chose one, Fenceman, with a reasonable price, and they seemed competent when Dave talked to them and had them out. They have a technique using metal posts, which is supposed to make the fence last longer, since wood posts rot out. We walked around the neighborhood looking at other fences they had installed, and they all looked nice and solid.

So two weeks ago they came out and put in the posts, set in concrete. This week they came and finished it. Ta-dah!


Wow! What a difference! Now the only garbage we need to worry about is our own!


We only had the sides of the yard fenced, and left the back alone – it already has a 6ft chain link fence between us and the water tower park, so we can enjoy the view. This makes the backyard feel so much more private!


They also put in a nice 60/40 gate in front of the trailer, so we can open it up all the way to get it out. Next project: Today guys are delivering our new aluminum carport for the trailer. It has leaks so it needs to be under cover to keep it dry inside. I’ve been running a heater in there all winter to drive out the dampness so it wouldn’t mildew from the leaks.

So overall I couldn’t be happier. They did a super nice job on the new fence, the backyard is private and secure for the dogs, and the trailer is barely visible from the street now. We like the new fence so much, I think we’ll have them back to do a nice picket fence around the front yard sometime in the future. Once we’ve recovered from paying for this one!


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