Our master bedroom – now with nightstands!

I finally scored a set of nightstands that will fit into our vintage bedroom. Turns out finding sets of nightstands from the 60s is harder than you’d think, because we were told having a set of nightstands wasn’t popular back then like it is now. So we’ve been searching for a couple months without any luck.

Yesterday I went to a consignment shop in downtown Vancouver on my way home from rehearsal. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was on the lookout for nightstands and a couch. As I wandered through, I spotted a couple little nightstands, dark wood, little legs – perfect. The couple ahead of me looked at them first as I hung back.

‘I think they’re sold,’ the wife said. ‘They’re over here with all the other sold stuff.’

Indeed they were in the sold area, but they didn’t have any stickers on them one way or the other, so I went straight to the first employee I could find and asked about them.

‘Oh yeah, they just came in, we haven’t priced them yet. The person who prices them will be in on Wednesday.’ I’m sure I gave her a look of desperation that said that was much too long to wait! ‘Let me go ask..’ she offered.

I hung around waiting, until she came back – ‘$40 each.’ Oh yeah! I’ll take them. I called Dave to bring the van down immediately! We had considered paying more than that for nightstands that weren’t nearly as close to what we wanted in style, or needed to be refinished.

I think they go very well with the headboard. Now we’re talking about painting the wall behind the bed an accent color, and finding a piece of wall art for it. We’re still looking for a perfect bedspread too.

A week or so ago we got our special order pull down shade for the window, and got a nice heavy curtain to go over it with a fun vintage-looking pattern. That helps keep it dark so we can sleep in on the weekends, and keeps it warmer by insulating the window. My guitar is hanging in the bedroom too. I like having the guitar hanging up because it keeps it safe from dogs, but makes it really convenient to just grab off the wall and play.

And I’ve shown off our pretty vintage dressers before, but I don’t think I’ve shared the cool vintage painting we picked up of Canadian Geese landing on a lake. I really like it, and it has an interesting style that matches up with the rest of the room.

Overall I’m really happy with how the bedroom has turned out. So much nicer than our previous style of looking like we still lived in a dorm room with mismatched furniture! For once we’ve actually purchased furniture on purpose, and tried to match things up. I feel like such a grown-up!


4 thoughts on “Our master bedroom – now with nightstands!

  1. I know nothing about vintage. Is it the same as Retro?

    You know you're missing a lamp in that photo? Was that done on purpose to make sure your readers are paying attention? lol!

    Ok and I just have to ask. What makes that geese painting vintage? It just looks like a nice painting of geese to me.



  2. I know, I need another lamp 😉 Well, maybe off balance is ok!

    Retro is when something is made to look old. Vintage is when it really is old. So most of the stuff we've bought is genuinely old, which is a necessity with our budget, but I love the old stuff best anyway. It's got more character and lasts longer than the stuff they make today. Unfortunately you just can't find soft goods like curtains or bedspreads, so with those I'm grateful to find 'retro' styled things.

    The geese painting is genuinely vintage. It's got a very 70's style. The geese are almost photo-realistic, but the clouds are smooth flat shapes without any depth to them. Soon as I saw it it reminded me of our farm, so I had to have a bit of that in our new home!


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