LIghts out!

Story time: The other night Dave stretched out his foot and bumped the outlet under his desk where the computer is plugged in, and the computer lost all power and turned off. I heard his agonized scream, as he had been working on something, of course. So he reached under the desk and wiggled the plug, and all the lights in the front half of the house went out – uh oh!

He went out to the garage to see if the fuse had blown, and I stayed inside, and after a few minutes the lights came on, and I shouted th news to him out in the garage, to hich he replied ‘I haven’t done anything yet’. Uh oh, that’s even worse!

So we thought about it, wiggled it and saw the lights flicker on and off, and finally threw the fuse to shut it all down, and called our friend Scott, the electrician. He recommended pulling the outlet out to see if  a wire had come loose. We pulled it out, but the wires were fine, so the problem must have been in the outlet. It was one of several outlets in the house that were kind of loose anyway. So we headed off to the hardware store.

Half an hour later we were back and Dave installed the new outlet, threw the fuse, and everything was back to working all hunky-dory. We bought a few extra sockets, because I think we’ll need to replace those other loose outlets as well, just to be safe. Glad this was such an easy fix!


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