Almost done

This has been a very stressful two weeks! We started moving into our house just over a week ago. On that Saturday a friend came over and helped us load furniture, and with a small box moving truck, his pickup, and our full size van, we moved everything we needed for the house in pretty much one move, except little this and that stuff. When we got to looking around the new house, it needed more cleaning than we expected! But we moved in anyway, and have been cleaning while we go – exhausting!

Also, we decided to use the moving truck to get a load of garbage from our house to take to the dump. Since we were doing that anyway, we looked around the new house to see if he’d left any garbage. We started throwing stuff in the truck, piles of stuff here and there around the backyard, stuff hidden in the garage, even a rusty old pickup bed cap leaning against the house. Two hours later we’d filled the truck! That hadn’t been in our plan! So we got that stuff hauled to the dump right before it closed.

The past week has been a blur of working late nights, getting everything moved over, cleaning up the old house, and getting my husband’s business moved into storage. thank goodness he doesn’t work during the day, or we couldn’t have gotten this far! We’re finding it challenging to stuff everything into our tiny house.
The biggest accomplishments in the last two days:
The trailer, snuggled into it’s spot in the backyard.

The Mustang, safe and dry in the tiny garage.

I’d say I felt worse about leaving our farm, but there’s been no time to reflect on it. Just working, eating out (because we haven’t gotten our kitchen unpacked and cleaned until yesterday) and sleeping good and hard straight through the night – that’s what physical labor will do for you. Lots of ibuprofin for my sore muscles!

The official handoff is Tuesday evening, so we’re almost done. It will be nice to finally sit back and get to know our new house and for our lives to settle into what I hope is a much less stressful routine than the last few years has been.


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