Refurbishing the decks

This is a project we started last year and couldn’t afford the chemicals or the equipment. But friends loaned us the equipment, and we went out and got the chemicals today and went for it. First we watched a video online, and boosted by the simplicity with which they refurbished a deck that looked much worse than ours, we got started.



Started out by dragging all the furniture into the garage, and moving the tomato plants. I cleaned up the spaces between the boards that were clogged with stuff, and gave it a little rinse to knock off some dirt. You can see how grey and weathered it looks.


We used Thompson’s Deck Cleaner and brightener. Apply, scrub, let sit 15 minutes, and rinse off with the powerwasher.





This went a lot faster than I expected, and the difference was amazing! 


Look how clean those boards are!
Dave had to go to rehearsal before we were finished, so I did the last three sections myself, then moved the whole show to the back deck. I did the smaller end of the deck before my back got tired.


(dogs were not allowed outside until everything was finished and cleaned up for the day)


What an incredible difference for such a simple process! We’ll finish up the rest of the back deck tomorrow. Then the instructions said to let it dry 2-3 days and then apply the sealer. It’s supposed to be hot and dry through Tuesday, so I think we’ll have no trouble getting the entire project done before the weather turns.


Over the next two weekends we finished the whole thing, cleaning the gigantic back deck, and laying down a coat of waterproofing on both.

And the proof that it all worked out came when it started raining again. We got done just in the nick of time. Nice to see the water beading up on the wood again.

That was a lot of work, for someone else to enjoy it! Why do we ignore these things when it’s our house, but fix them up just in time to sell them to someone else?


3 thoughts on “Refurbishing the decks

  1. Nice job!
    We have two balcony decks, one off our upstairs loft and the other off of the master bedroom. The loft deck uses that awesome Trex material that never requires any upkeep. I love it!
    I wish we could afford to get the bedroom deck redone with the Trex, too.
    But if w can't, we do need to wash it and apply sealer like you're doing.



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