Fun with photos


This month’s photo club challenge is ‘triangles’. Of course, I take these things literally, and I’m sure when we show off our pictures some people will have taken it in creative, amazing, artistic ways – but I’m just looking for triangles! It’s the engineer in me!

So I wasted a lot of pixels snapping pictures downtown. It’s hard to take pictures of bridges, they’re just so big. Then I got the idea to reach out over the railing to get this shot of the paddle boat moored at waterfront park, with the Burnside bridge behind it, and those cool Convention Center towers.




I took three exposures, this was the middle one – I also took one two stops above, and another 2 stops below, and combined them in photoshop. I cropped out the junk, and straightened it out.

composite boat

I like the color of the convention center, and the towers on the bridge, and of course the boat is interesting, but I think it looks a little busy. Lots of triangles, though I don’t think it’s a contest to get the MOST triangles! I like the way the puffy clouds look, it reminds me of an old postcard. So I ran it through a few of Picasa’s filters:


composite boat-lomo

This is the Lomo effect, with the effects toned down a bit.


composite boat-1960s

This is the Holga effect, it looks like it was taken with a toy camera.


composite boat-002

I think this looks most like an old postcard, with that orange sort of cast to it. This is the 1960’s effect.

I might go ahead and print this one to use for photo club. I’ll just have to see if I get anything else before the meeting that I like better. It’s fun to play around with this stuff though!



2 thoughts on “Fun with photos

  1. COOL ! I love each and every one of the effects, too much fun playing around with them then trying to pick a favorite =) Being a river rat, I really liked seeing this photo, thanks for sharing.


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