Photo club


This month we got together for a little meeting, and then headed out to the marina to take some pictures at sunset. It was fun to go out with folks for a change, usually we just get together and talk about photography and show off our photos.



Old man fishing off the end of the pier




We were hoping to get some of that nice sunset light on Mt Hood, but it just wasn’t cooperating.



We did see some lovely clouds. See that in the middle?



Heading for a landing at the Portland airport.



As it got darker, the fishermen started heading back to the marina



I would like to have seen these beautiful sailboats out on the water



As we walked back to the car, the sunset had one more surprise for us as the light filteres through a contrail, and made this lovely pattern in the sky

Our club, the Camas Camera Club is having a gallery display in the Camas Library in July. I’m very excited to have three of my pictures on display. It’s not only my first public display, it’s the first time I’ve even had any of my pictures printed out, let alone framed! I’ll post some pictures of it once we have it all set up.

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