Taking back the yard


Today I spent three hours working in the yard, mostly weed-whacking, while Dave mowed everything that was mow-able.








I also got down the side of the house, and around the septic caps, which stick up too much to mow over.



And I spent a bunch of time cleaning up around the tree in the front yard. A few years ago it was a little umbrella shaped tree (which was a pain to keep trimmed), but it fell over in a storm, and before we got around to propping it back up, a new tree sprouted up out of the base, so now it looks like a tree and a bush, so I guess we’re just going to leave it alone for now. The new tree is nice because it makes a shady spot on hot days!



This is the front pond area. It is the site of an ongoing battle against bamboo that I stupidly planted there a few years ago. it just won’t die, and I can’t really do anything with the area until the bamboo is dead! The bamboo went under the walkway and comes up on either side, plus it went under the pond and walkway in the other direction and comes up under the deck and against the foundation of the house! Nasty stuff! Nothing kills it, all I can do is keep cutting it down until one of us gives up. I’ve been trying to kill it for at least three years now.


This is a project I don’t know what I’m going to do about yet. Our swing chair fabric is falling apart, and needs to be redone. The metal is good, so I hate to throw it away when it just needs fabric. On a sunny day I love dozing off in the swing chair in the shade. I MUST get it fixed before summer is over!



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