Down it goes…

Monday the new neighbors brought in the big guns…

And laid the old barn out flat. The end of an era. But hey, look at the view – we can see all the way to the dairy up the hill now! That red building behind the barn is the fire station. The view will be a lot nicer without the rusty, collapsing barn in the way.
All they have to do now is haul the debris away. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, it’s about the length of a football field. You can see the big dumpster down on the left, and the double-wide behind it. That’s a LOT of clean-up they have to do!

2 thoughts on “Down it goes…

  1. To the right of the old barn is a lovely stand of fir trees the old farmer planted back in the 60s, and the neighbor said they want to build a house up in the trees. Luckily with 15 acres to play with, they are not likely to infringe on our personal space at all 🙂


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