New Toy – Kindle Fire

Now that I’m riding the bus for about an hour and a half each day – 45 minutes morning and evening – I have been getting a lot of reading done. I’ve already read Silas Marner, and am working my way through Age Of Innocence. I have a whole list of classics I’ve never had time to read I would like to get to. As much as I dislike being away from home so much, I kind of enjoy my downtime on the bus, and it’s nice to have time to read without feeling guilty that there’s something more important I should be doing. On the bus there’s literally nothing else to do!

Watching the other passengers, I’ve seen how they spend their time. I’ve seen a lot of iPads and Kindles, lots of people hauling big heavy books along with them as well. Some people surf the web on their iPads or phones which are connected to the web via data packages. At first I was thinking it would be pretty nice to be able to do that – I could do all my email and blogging and stuff while on the bus. But looking into the price put an end to that – there’s just no way I could spend that much money on entertainment! I’ve bought cars for what that would cost in a year! I’m pretty happy with my low-tech flip phone which doesn’t do much other than make calls, and it’s on a cheap by-the-minute plan, which is just how I like it.

So I bit the bullet and spent a bit of my hard earned money on a Kindle Fire. Super neat little device, works on wi-fi, can do a little surfing. Best of all, I immediately loaded up about ten classic books I want to read – like Age of Innocence, Robinson Caruso, Treasure Island, Little Women, and some I’d like to re-read – Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights – all for free! FREE! There’s plenty more too, I just didn’t want to get greedy.

I’m looking forward to hitting the bus on Tuesday with my new toy. Hopefully that will make the commute just fly by as I get absorbed in another world. Sometimes I like to sneak in a little reading at lunchtime too. I think this little device is going to make life away from home a little more pleasant.


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