The Silk Tree

The front of our house is dominated by a Silk Tree (Mimosa) planted in the front courtyard

When we planted it many years ago, it was a sad little twiggy thing that needed to be protected in the winter.

Over the years it grew big and strong, and entertained us with it’s beautiful pink and white flowers, and it’s funny little leaves that close up at night. We’re pretty fond of the tree.

Over the years it has also insisted on leaning TOWARDS the house, which is odd, because that means it’s leaning AWAY from the sun, and I would expect it to do just the opposite. But it has been growing up over our sunporch walkway, shading it and causing moss to grow there, dropping leaves on the roof, and leaning on the gutters. We hate to intervene, but it was time.

So Dave bravely climbed up on the roof
He cut back the branches with a sawzall, until nothing was hanging over the roof, and then he cleaned up all the moss, scrubbing and brushing until the roof as as clean as he could get it by hand.
Then he cleverly used a ladder to scale the steep garage roof so he could reach over the top and fix a vent that had blown off earlier this summer. 
When he was done, the front deck was covered in a HUGE pile of silk tree branches,
And our pretty silk tree really looks none the worse for it’s ‘trim’. 

4 thoughts on “The Silk Tree

  1. I just love 'em! We call 'em a Mimosa, as well. And there is nothing nicer than a warm evening with just the slightest breeze when they're in bloom! Those beautiful pink puffs smell absolutely wonderful! Enough that it can help you forget about the humidity and the heat of summers!!


  2. I didn't know what kind of tree you were talking about until I saw the leaves and flowers. They call them Mimosa trees here in New Mexico. They seem to planted everywhere and do very well with our drought and heat.
    They seem to do even better when given lots of rain, too. Yours grew huge!
    Love the photos of your brave hubby up there.



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