Dogs and the wheelbarrow

So the other day I heard some barking, looked out the office window, and grabbed my camera – because I saw this…

I had left a wheelbarrow full of planting soil on the front deck after I finished repotting my tomato plants, and Navi was in it, and Barclay wanted in on that action, but she was hogging it! I went to the front door to watch.

Yup, nothing unusual here. No sir-ee, just business as usual.

Barclay tried some barking…

A little bitey-face…

Then he tried his passive stare-down technique…

That did the trick, Navi jumped out and the went back to racing around the yard!

Crazy dogs!


3 thoughts on “Dogs and the wheelbarrow

  1. lol! That just made my day! Good for you for capturing the moment.

    You ought to consider sending that photo, with the two of them looking at the camera, to Tru Temper. Tru Temper couldn't have done a better photo job if they tried. And I wouldn't be surprised if they used your photo in one of their magazine ads.




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