Jack moves on

First off, I have to say Jack is a very nice dog. He’s well behaved, and you hardly even notice he’s around. He mostly sleeps and begs for food, and occasionally plays with the other dogs. His downsides would be that the baying really gets on my nerves, like nails on a chalkboard, and that he is kind of a third wheel to the eskimo antics that go on around here. The eskimos are in-your-face, lets go have some fun, constant interaction party dogs! They are always thinking of new things to do, and they want you to join in. They bring you stuff to see if you’ll come play or try to get it away. They pretty much overshadow poor Jack in every way, and run circles around him in the yard while he races to keep up with the faster, higher-energy eskies.

So last year I started asking around to see if anyone wanted a dog. I was hoping I could find some friends who were looking so I could keep an eye on how he was doing (though I’m sure he’ll do great wherever he goes). Our Eskie friend Sherry put up an ad for him on her bulletin board at work. But after not finding anyone interested, I had kind of given up and figured he was a permanent fixture now. In fact just a couple days ago I asked my friends on FB if anyone could dogsit him while we go camping next month.

Then yesterday I got a call from someone who’d seen the note on the bulletin board. He came over and met jack and they got on great. He was an older guy, getting up towards retirement. He and his wife had a new property with woods to play in, and he was ready to get a dog again. They have grandkids who visit a lot, and Jack loves kids. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

It was still hard to pack up his goodies and send him on his way, though he seemed happy enough about it. The house seems quieter, which is odd because he would have just been sleeping anyway. It will just take some getting used to, I guess. His new owner promised to send me an update and keep in touch, and bring him back if it didn’t work out for some reason. I hope it works out great. I know he’ll miss the other dogs, but he’s such a good dog he deserves to get more attention, and not be the third wheel like he was here!

I’m looking forward to only having to deal with two dogs! That really should be our limit – one per person!


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