Standing Desk

I’ve been reading a lot about ‘standing desks’ – desks that are tall enough to stand at and work. It sounds like a good idea. I spend entirely too much time at my computer, lulled into a trance, following link after link, reading articles I’ll never remember. I could use to be a little less comfortable at the computer! Plus if you’re standing you’re making your muscles work to hold yourself up, instead of slouching into a lump, chin on hand, semi-comatose (I’m just describing myself – not necessarily anyone else!)

So I went out in the garage and stirred up a few scraps and built this in about 20 minutes, just to see how the concept works. I can already tell it’s a little tall – I could take about 4 inches off of it and it would be more comfortable to type.

Not that this will stop me from taking my laptop out to the couch and vegging out!


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