First Day Volunteering

I went to the horse ranch to volunteer today. Since it’s spring break, they had an unexpected group of kids show up and clean the stalls, so I got a pile of paperwork to enter in the office. That was fine by me, and I plowed through it in about two hours. I was getting ready to leave when a couple girls showed up and they asked them to catch and groom one of the horses they have there for evaluations, and asked if I’d like to help. So I said sure, and went with them. The horse was a bit restless, and I mostly stayed out of the way. So the volunteer coordinator came by to check on us and said ‘hey, want me to grab a pony for you to groom’, and I thought, gosh, I don’t want to be any trouble – but she said the ponies needed to be groomed too! So she went and got this adorable little pony and showed me where to get her brushes and I got to spend some quality time grooming her. She was more my size anyway 🙂 I’m not ashamed to let the teenage girls handle the big horse while I brush out a pony!

That was great fun, I can’t wait to go back. She said next time I can do some stalls. How silly is it to be excited about getting to scoop poo? Before I left I wandered by the arena and they had a class going on with some little girls racing around barrels (at a walk) and the winner would get to clean a stall! And then I heard one of the girls proudly tell the other one ‘I get to clean three stalls already!’ 🙂


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