More eye problems

So, scratching my eye last week was just the latest in a long string of eye problems I’ve been having. Back in October I went to the eye doctor because I would occasionally wake up with one eye blurry (either one), and it would last a few hours to a few days. He thought it was just dry eyes, and told me to use drops. I still would have occasional blurry days, but sometimes I’d have a couple good weeks without problems.

Meanwhile, I could occasionally have stabbing eye pains in the middle of the night, but I thought I was just rubbing my eye on my pillow. Eventually that is exactly what happened last week, and I did have a serious abrasion to prove it.

But yesterday something different happened – a stabbing eye pain in my good eye, in the middle of the day, while sitting on the couch watching TV.I had done nothing to bring it on, but suddenly my eye hurt so bad I couldn’t open it. I flushed it out with eye drops. I took an ibuprofin. I laid down for a bit to see if it would go away on it’s own. Finally I called the eye doctor, but he was out of town for the weekend, so he said to go to urgent care if it was bad. So Dave came home from the theater and took me to urgent care.

They have a routine of things they do, including a vision test, but my eye was in such intense pain I couldn’t hardly keep the other eye open to read the chart. Finally they put in pain drops, which stopped the pain right away. She stained my eye and looked for a foreign body or a scratch, but couldn’t find anything. So she diagnosed it as possible iritis – an infection of the eye. She gave me a perscription for antibiotic drops and a steroid for inflammation. Today my eye feels much better and the vision is back to normal, so there might be something to that.

She gave me a printout with info about iritis, and the symptoms include blurry vision, eye pain, and a few other things I haven’t been having. I’m sure I’ll see the eye doctor on Monday and see what he says. I hope this is it and they can clear it up. These stabbing eye pains are the most intense pain I’ve ever felt – I’ll be happy to get this cleared up and put it behind me!


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