The 3 Amigos go exploring

I let the boys out to check out their new pasture today. Do you think we have room for three alpacas around here?

Yeah, it’s a pretty big pasture (and that’s just half of it).

The girls from our 4H club named them. Sebastian is the leader, and he headed out to explore the limits of his new kingdom.

While Red and Fredrico headed down to do some grazing by the trees. 

After he’d checked out the whole place Sebastian came back and got the other two, and took them on a tour of what he’d found, and they all wandered all over the pasture (with Navi barking at them from the house the whole way). When it started getting dark I went out and called them in with a grain bucket, and gave them some treats once they were back in the paddock. I locked them in for the night so they would be safe and dry.

Super nice Alpacas!


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