Chickens in the garden

Last year I planted winter crops, and they got killed by a hard frost we got early in the winter, and in the rain and cold and frost I just didn’t have the umph to go out and clean everything up like I should have. I did clean up a bit and fill the compost bins, but there were still some old squash and whatnot laying around, and of course all the frost killed winter veg. So today I took the cleanup crew out there.

Something has been digging up my carrots and eating them (bunnies?) and there’s nothing really left out there except the sage, and a little sprig of rosemary that refuses to grow into a bush. So I let the girls have at it. I’m going to clean up all the weeds and lay down some fresh chicken poo from the coop, then cover that up and let it sit so the garden will be ready to plant in May.

Beautiful, my fat and friendly old hen, enjoys the selection of greens and bugs available 🙂

While the roo watches for hawks, the girls are all ‘tails up’ looking for goodies. Keep scratchin’, girls!


2 thoughts on “Chickens in the garden

  1. Great pics. What a proud handsome roo. Your girls are lovely and hard workers, too.
    I want to start a garden this year. Got any beginner tips for what to do and what not do?
    I plan on doing a raised bed and using lots of llama, goat, horse and chicken manure. I have a bunch of seeds I received last year from Survivor Seeds and Seeds of Change.



  2. My best success has come since i figured out that certain varieties do better in our region than others, and that the seed packets at the store are not selected for that fact! Once I started buying seeds from a company that selected them for the NW, we had much better luck. I think raised beds are easier to take care of too. I guess I'll see how this year goes. Seems I learn something every year!


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