The Chicken Eater

Well, there’s the neighborhood hawk, hanging out on one of the fenceposts just a short distance from the chicken coop. I think this is a juvenile, because his tail is banded, not red. I would have chased him away, but he looked pretty cold out there, sitting in the rain, watching for field mice. The chickens were safe because they’d already seen him and gone inside their coop. He’s probably about 50 ft from the bottom fence of the chicken yard. I saw him from the kitchen window and got this nice shot of him. After about half an hour he swooped out to the pasture but came back to the post a few minutes later empty handed. It’s got to be tough to be a hawk this time of year. I have a great fondness for all birds, they are just doing their thing, being birds, and hawks are so beautiful, I wish he wouldn’t eat the chickens, but I can’t hold it against him either.


One thought on “The Chicken Eater

  1. Anonymous

    He's just doing what nature programmed him to do. I agree, hawks are such beautiful birds. I love looking for them as we travel. Many of them roost along the highways…


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