Yesterday it rained

..and rained and rained and rained. I think it’s the most water I’ve seen in the field for a long time. When I said swale in the front field flooded when it rains, this is what I’m talking about.

I walked around the field a bit to judge what parts actually had standing water, vs what parts might be ok to have livestock on during a deluge. In addition to my miniature horse dreams, I’d still kind of like to have a flock of sheep again someday. They can’t be running around on the wet part of the pasture though!

The swale is not only about 30ft wide, but it all ended up in a 40 x 60 ft pond at the bottom of the field (which was so deep I thought Navi was going to have to swim) by the road. I took the dogs out and they had a great time splashing around and playing fetch in the pond, then we came back up to hang out in the shelter and watch the rain come down.

That roar is the rain on the metal shelter roof. It was LOUD!

One thought on “Yesterday it rained

  1. Wow! Very loud and lots of rain!
    Could you create a man-made creek with rocks and a berm to divert the water straight down to the pond, so that it doesn't flood your pasture?

    We've not had any rain at all since August. Dry, sunny, warm and blue skies every day since August.
    I'm not complaining, but I sure would love a White Christmas and we sure could use some moisture.



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