The Garden is done

We had a cold snap last week, and I was home with a cold so I didn’t want to go out and do anything to the garden. Everything growing out there, except a few herbs, was cold-weather plants like cabbage, broccoli, and kale, plus the remaining chard, spinach and onions, so I let them tough it out.

Ouch! Bad idea! Everything is wilted flat to the ground!
 The winter greens…
The chard and spinach
 The sage was the only thing tough enough to look unfazed by the drop to 19 degrees!
I think I’ll be turning over the dead stuff into the rows and toss some of the cut grass from the field on there, or compost, or I have a friend with  livestock who’s going to bring over some manure to put down. I’ll let it cook until spring and then we’ll be ready to go again. Eventually I want my garden to produce year around, but I’m pretty happy with how this year went – even though the weather never cooperated for most of it. I learned a lot, and I’ll be looking forward to pickling my own cukes next year!
 The pasture looks beautiful. The cold has slowed the grass down, and it’s been flooded a couple times. 
Barclay the farm dog! Just hanging out with me.


One thought on “The Garden is done

  1. Barclay looks so striking against the bright green of the pasture.
    How lucky you are to have such green pasture. Around here we're lucky to have a little bit of grass growth during July or August. The rest of the year all we have is brown.

    That's too bad about the damaged plants. But those pickled cukes are gonna taste yummy next year!



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