Mary & Gilbert

Well, my newest crazy scheme involves pigs – potbelly pigs to be exact. I saw an ad on CL for a couple free pigs, and I figured, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and there’s no time like the present, especially where FREE is concerned!

This is Mary, who is about 150#
This is Gilbert, who is probably under 100#
We visited them this afternoon at their current home. 
They seemed quite friendly, and didn’t mind us in their pen, even while they were eating. 
They were actually kind of cute getting all excited about their dinner!
 My plan is to build a ‘pig tractor’ which is a portable pen which you pull around the pasture, moving it daily to put them on fresh grass, or leave it in place a few days if you want them to turn over and fertilize the ground.
I want them to turn over our new garden area and help clean up other areas around the property that could use some help. They will also be happy to munch up any extra fresh veg scraps.
As soon as I get a place set up for them here I will go borrow a friend’s trailer and bring them home.

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