My House!

Google has updated the satellite view of our house. For a long time it was frozen in time with the shop half-finished.

Now it is complete, and the little pasture shelter we built a couple years ago is visible. So is a chicken tractor in the side yard, and my yellow wheelbarrow just outside the back fence. My yellow mustang project car is in the driveway, though surprisingly enough the two ‘regular’ cars are not. The doors are open on the chicken house at the top of the picture. It must have been a hot day! Mid-summer, I’d guess, from the yellow grass in the yard and pasture.

As you can see, our property is mostly pasture. If only I could figure out how to make it earn it’s keep. I love my little wanna-be farm!

5 thoughts on “My House!

  1. It's about 2 acres of nice pasture. We have had llamas, sheep and goats from time to time, and a friend's sheep herd on it this spring. Everything has it's pluses and minuses. We just have to figure out what will work best for us. I think the pasture is the property's biggest asset, so I try to manage it and treat it with care!


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