Garden Update – Almost October

I did come cleaning up in the garden today. The recent rains and cold snap have finished off the poor tomato plants. They really didn’t have a chance. What tried to ripen ended up just rotting on the vine. So today I started pulling them out and putting the vines in the compost pile.

So sad, all those tomatoes that could have been spaghetti sauce, or salsa…

With the tomatoes gone, the giant fennel plant looks lonely. I still haven’t decided what to do with it. I planted it on a whim. I’ve never used fennel before.

There are carrots growing in the raised bed. It’s the only place where the soil is soft enough for them to stretch down without getting all stunty.

The wax beans are done, and I collected some beans to plant next year from them. But the Blue Lake pole beans are crazy, and were tipping the trellis over!

I picked this huge bucket full of green beans! I’m going to pickle some, and freeze the rest.

UPDATE: Last night I pickled & canned 8 pints of green beans – four HOT, four regular, blanched and froze 4 packages of beans for later, and had fresh beans sauted in garlic & bacon for dinner. Yum!

4 thoughts on “Garden Update – Almost October

  1. Hey cool site! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do keep me posted about your experiment, please! I'll check out your blog a little further later on in the day, but there's slugs to be dealt with for now…


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