I came home this afternoon and found Navi wearing a little something extra around her neck…

That’s one of the furnace vents! Apparently she had been sleeping on the vent, and her tag slipped between the louvers and got caught. When she stood up to greet me at the door, it came with her. When I opened the door, instead of jumping up and down, she sort of staggered up to me, and I reached down to check her and found this hanging below her neck! I’m surprised the breakaway collar didn’t pop open, it probably would have if she’d moved around a bit more, but she had probably only gone a couple feet between getting up and meeting me at the door. I unhooked her collar with one hand (other hand was full of groceries), and she was free to dance around like usual!

The tag was really stuck in there too! There was no way she was getting out of that without help. It’s amazing how much trouble your dogs can get into when you leave them alone.

None the worse for wear, and ready to go outside and play!

3 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. That's why they all wear breakaway collars. They have all gotten them caught on things and popped them off – each other, other dogs, fences. I think if she had panicked and jerked around a bit it would have popped off this time too, but I'm glad she didn't, it has sharp corners!


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