My crazy garden!

In my mini greenhouse (two clear storage tubs one on top of the other) on the back porch, my future winter garden is sprouting and looking for room to stretch out.

 I cleared out the lettuce and spinach that had gone to seed and laid down some fresh compost to get the beds ready for the winter garden.

There’s plenty more lettuce and spinach growing elsewhere in the garden 🙂
 Elsewhere in the garden the spaghetti squash plant is HUGE, and stretching out into everyone else’s personal space. It covers about 10 sq ft, easily! I don’t know what to do with all those squash. Better start looking up recipes…
The green zucchini and yellow squash plants are doing well, though not as insane as the spaghetti squash plant. They are producing well, but the slugs have been poaching my squash. Wort of all, the slugs just eat the tips off a squash and then move onto the next! If they would just eat one and finish it, and leave the rest for me, that would be fine, but just nibbling and moving on – that’s just rude!
Ok, it’s hard to see, but that green hedge is the mass of tomato plants. They’re quite tall and unruly, but they still have not produced much.
They tasted good, I hope this means buckets of tomatoes are right around the corner!
 The bean plants are climbing high up their trellis, and are covered in little flowers.
The cukes are ignoring the trellis and stretching out over the bed, where I have carrots planted. At this rate I might not get cukes OR carrots! The carrots are over-wintering varieties, so they should still be there long after the cukes are done.
Future pickles!
I took my extra squash and a few onions, the only things I’m producing reliably, and gave them away to friends (after Navi inspected the basket). 
The garden has been great fun so far this year. I don’t know if we have enough summer left to get some of the stuff that’s coming along to picking size – beans, tomatoes, and cukes. Only time will tell! Either way, I’m looking forward to moving on with the winter garden and seeing how productive that will be as well.

2 thoughts on “My crazy garden!

  1. Wow! Everything is looking great. The squash rule the garden by far. lol! The baby pickles are so darn cute!

    I bet it's hard to think of winter gardening when your temps are in the triple digits, but like you said it's just around the corner. We've been having nightime temps into the low 50's already, and I'm waiting for my apples to be ready for harvest.
    One more month and we can expect our first snowfalls up here. I'm so not ready!



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