Chicks – again

The last chicks for this year. I gave 18 eggs to a fellow chicken fancier, and she put them in her incubator. 12 hatched, and she thought one more was going to hatch tonight. That’s actually really good results for an incubator. So today I went and picked up the 12 new babies, fresh out of the eggs…

It’s very hot today, they don’t even need the light, but they will need it later when it cools off. Right now they are all just laid out flat, occasionally getting up and moving around a bit.

When she offered to take my eggs I moved the hens I didn’t want eggs from out of the flock, so I was careful to only collect buff hen eggs, and of course the father is Big Blue. Our of these 12, 6 are grey and 6 are black – how interesting!

My previous batch of chicks from my own flock have just moved in with the big chickens.

I know they are technically just ‘mutts’, or ‘Barnyard Mix’ as I prefer to call them, but I think they are lovely and interesting.

Particularly the buff/grey ones.
And the black girls look pretty nice too. One has red spots on each shoulder.
So I’m excited to see what these Barnyard Mix chicks turn out to look like. 

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