Introducing – Betsy!

The other day I saw someone on the PDX chicken list offering up for adoption a buff cochin hen named Betsy. She said Betsy was broody, and a bit of a bully to the other pullets. I piped right up and said I wanted her! I love buff cochins, like my dearly departed Penny, and I doubt she’ll be any trouble even if she decides to try and be a bully, the rooster seems to keep all the girls in line around here.

What a pretty girl!
I decided to introduce her slowly, I let the rest of the flock out into the back field, and let her into the backyard. That way they could see each other through the gate, and I let her decide how she wanted to proceed. When it seemed like she wanted to meet them, I opened the gate.
Beautiful, my friendly old buff orpington came right over to check her out. They had a long staring contest, it lasted about 4 minutes. They stood still like a freeze frame and stared at each other. I’ve never seen hens do that before. Then they started scratching around side by side like everything was cool.
Then Big Blue came over to check her out. Having a new hen around put him in a very flappy mood!
He kept coming up to her and doing a little sideways dance, scratching and scooting around. Then he’d flap and crow some more.
In a short time everyone was scratching around together like one big happy flock πŸ™‚


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