I ran away this weekend!

I am a hyper-responsible person. I am responsible for all sorts of things – my dogs, my chickens, my property, my garden, feeding my husband, running the store. Dave says I’m a control freak, but I just like to make sure I don’t drop the ball. I try hard to get everything right! It can be stressful sometimes. This weekend my wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL husband let me run away from home, leaving all my responsibilities in his hands πŸ™‚ I grabbed my big, black van, threw my camping gear in the back, and headed East.

I stopped at Bonneville Dam. I have been reading a wonderful book called Voyage of a Summer Sun about a man’s adventure canoeing the Columbia River from it’s source in Canada to the Pacific, and there is much said about the history of the dams and the indian’s relationship with the river and how the dams changed it. Makes you think about those dams differently, though I still appreciate all the cheap electric power.

BIG electric transmission towers. I hopped back on the highway and continued down to White Salmon, and hung a left, heading for…

Trout Lake, my favorite place in the world πŸ™‚
And what did I find at Trout Lake?
Yeah! Airstreams!
My Airstreaming friends! They were in town for the Trout Lake Arts festival, and Humphrey, Hartman, and Cameron were performing folk music there. That’s all you need to say to have your friends come join you, dragging trailers, pitching tents, or even sleeping in the back of a van.
Saturday morning, with the light just right, we could clearly see the route up the mountain. When people climb Mt Adams they hike up, and slide back down, and the long line in the snow is the glissade path.Β 
Β The path goes over the top of that ridge, down the other side, and up the next ridge to the summit. Through the binocs I could see tiny little specks of climbers moving along the path. It looked like there were a LOT of them! You can see them in the picture if you know where to look.
We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast around the campfire. Then we all went to the Arts Festival to watch Jant, Michelle, and Mary play.
And they were fantastic as always! You can buy their CDs online – totally worth it!
The rest of the day was spent relaxing around the fire, playing a little music, eating a great pork chop dinner (I made gravy), and then BSing around the campfire. Quite a bit of discussion concerned the porta-pottys which the tenters were having to use (lacking an Airstream with lovely bathroom facilities). Because of another large group nearby also using the pottys, things were starting to pile up, so Gary saved the day by taking a big stik and ‘stirring the pot’. Nasty, but it helped a lot, and the pottys managed to last out the weekend.
The next morning we watched buzzards soaring overhead. Not related to the pottys.

After breakfast I sat around with Jim and Michelle and we played some music. I’ve been playing guitar many years, but have never played with other people, so they helped me along. It was great fun!
After breakfast and music it was time to pull up stakes and head back to the real world. I had hardly thought about my responsibilities all weekend, but they were starting to creep back up on me.Β  Time to head home.
I stopped on the way out of town for this lovely shot of Mt Hood. The drive home was very windy through the gorge, and I stopped in Skamania to take pictures of the windsurfers and parasailers playing on the river.
Catching air!
I wish I could make a living taking pictures!

4 thoughts on “I ran away this weekend!

  1. Good for YOU!!! what an adventure ~ so glad you were able to get away from it all for a bit. sounds just wonderful πŸ™‚ I love the picture of you playing guitar at the campsite.

    and I think you could make a living taking pictures–probably have to resort to commercial ones for the profit part–but you could always keep up with your creative ones as well–at the very least you should have some of yours up at the theater! πŸ˜‰


  2. Maybe you could make a living taking pictures. That would be awesome! Your pictures are all wonderful.
    But I have to say, though I know all you PNWers love your volcanic mountains…snow covered and very pretty…but to me they look so ominous to me, knowing that they are actually ACTIVE volcanoes that could blow their tops out at any moment. Those volcanoes remind me of a woman with multi-personality syndrome and PMS. Disaster waiting to happen.

    Sure makes for a pretty backdrop in pictures, though πŸ™‚

    I'm glad you were able to run away for a little while, though. We all need that. I bet it felt like you were lighter and free with no daily responsiblities for anyone else.
    I've done the running away thing with my horse weekends. I come back home feeling refreshed and energized.

    You play guitar? Oooh! I wish I could hear you play. There is nothing better than enjoying guitar music around a campfire.



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