Mid-summer garden update

We were certainly off to a rough start this year, with continual rain, hail, and wind until well after when we should have expected to have our gardens in and thriving. Then we’ve had a few hot days, and a few gloomy, cool days. It’s just been a weird summer. Time to look at how the garden grows…

Lettuce and spinach have been loving this weather. I was able to pick all my baby beets and pickle them, and we’ve been having fresh lettuce for salad so often that Dave is sick of it. I’ve also had lots of chard for stir frys, and fresh baby onions too.  So this section has been a big success.

The tomatoes are not getting the heat they want, and they have a lot of flowers on, but no tomatoes, except a few here and there. Hopefully the summer holds out long enough for some to ripen.

Beans are coming along, and the pole beans are stretching out tendrils to climb up the trellis. The cukes in the back in the raised bed aren’t up to much yet. I think they like heat too. There are a couple pepper plants scattered in there, but they were a real gamble this year.

The potato row is looking good. I haven’t dug in there to see what’s going on under the straw yet. I’ll wait a bit longer. The tops look healthy.

The zucchini is starting to produce, which is nice, because if I couldn’t grow zucchini it would be time to give up and go buy a condo!

The spaghetti squash plant is going nuts, spreading off like it’s going to cover the whole end of the garden!

Hidden under the leaves are some good size squash. I hope we get plenty of them that grow to full size!

So that’s my garden so far. I have also planted carrots in the raised bed, but that was just last week, so they haven’t even sprouted yet. I also just received my shipment of seeds for my winter garden, so I need to start figuring out where my cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tough leafy greens are going to go, and build cold frames for my winter lettuce crops so we can continue eating salad all winter. That’s the plan anyway, as I’ve seen already, the weather does not always cooperate with garden plans! Winter greens need to go in by mid-July so they can get all their growth in before the frost comes back. I’d better get busy!

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