How does my garden grow? Up!

Last night we were out in the garden until after dark putting up trellises. It was rediculously hot yesterday, so we couldn’t get working on the project until the sun was almost down. It seems to unfair to have gone from record cold and constant rain, to ‘too hot’ in a day!

I had been researching different trellising methods, looking for sturdy tomato cages, considering building some myself, trying to reuse leftover fencing, just feeling out the project. The final solution appeared when I found a roll of 50′ of heavy plastic garden netting at the hardware store, and they marked it down from $50 to $20. Combined with a few t-posts and some trellises I already had on hand, we managed to cover all our bases.

 Two long walls of netting for the tomatoes to climb up. Just in time, too. The little tomato cages I used to protect them while they were growing under covers were getting to be a tight fit. Much longer and I wouldn’t have been able to get the tomatoes out.

A wall for the beans, and the one nearest the camera, on the raised bed, is for the cukes. Now that it’s sunny hopefully everything will start growing, and the trellises are all ready for them.

I just got the new Territorial Seed catalog for winter gardening. Looks like if I want to have winter greens it’s almost time to plant them! For Pete’s sake, our summer garden is barely started! I’d better get to work on figuring out where the winter stuff is going to go!


One thought on “How does my garden grow? Up!

  1. I know! Can you believe it's almost July? Summer'll be over before we know it.

    Everything looks so good there at your house. I bet it feels so wonderful when a plan falls into place and everything works out. Yay for you!



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