Too Early! Again!

I should have listened to my friends who said don’t plant until the end of May! Or my husband, who said it was still too early! But my other friends who had already planted and didn’t know what I was waiting for were just too much peer pressure for me (I buckle easily), and that week of 70+ degree weather was too much, and I planted them. Well, for the last few days it has been windy, the kind that knocks over trees, driving rain, even hail, and brrrrrrr- COLD! It’s 46 out there right now! My heritage tomatoes are bucking up pretty well so far, but the tomatoes I started from seed were looking kind of sad. So I took action:

I put tomato cages around them, and put plastic bags over them. I’m hoping this will catch enough heat to help them recover a bit. Personal greenhouses. I think I will do the heritage tomatoes tonight after I go pick up some more tomato cages. The bags, luckily, are from our styro-peanuts we use for packing materials, so I have lots of those bags around. So it’s a cheap solution to hopefully keep my tomatoes going.

But next year, I’m waiting until June, no matter what!!!


One thought on “Too Early! Again!

  1. Yikes! I hope the bags do the trick. Yep, I wait to plant anything until June, too. We've gotten hail and snow even up to Memorial Day weekend in the past.
    My neighbor said she just spent $60on baby plants and planted them on Sunday….then wham we had a cold spell yesterday with temps in the low 30's and everything wilted and turned black. What a sad loss!



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