Gardening – potatoes and tomatoes

It was beautiful today! 80, at least! I went right out in the morning and started having some fun with my chores 🙂

That row of straw is my potato row. I set down about 8 red seed potatoes and covered them with a foot of straw. When the plants start peeking above the straw I’m supposed to mound more straw on them. Supposedly this will result in the potatoes actually growing in the straw instead of under the dirt. First time for this technique for me.

And by afternoon I couldn’t control myself and planted four tomatoes. These are extras. If they don’t make it, I have backups of all these varieties. I have a feeling they’ll be fine. I planted them deep, covered them in straw, and put on a cold cap just to protect them the first few nights.

I can’t wait for warm tomatoes from my garden! All this work will be worth it!


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