Alpaca shearing day!

Our 4H club has 2 alpacas that were donated for the kids to use, plus one family has nothing but alpacas. Since the alpacas get sheared a little differently than the llamas, we scheduled to get them all done at once out at the alpaca farm, Fancy Fiber Farm, yesterday. Martha and I stuffed Lucky into the back of my van and drove him up there. We arrived to find ‘packys waiting for their turn in the barn 🙂

These guys crack me up!
Tanya and Joey got to work brushing all the debris out of Lucky’s wool. He didn’t much like that, but put up with it a lot better than I expected, especially considering how much stuff he’d ground into it all winter.
Inside the shearing barn, they had a very interesting setup for doing the alpacas. They tie their feet and lay them down on a tarp and stretch them out. The alpacas actually take this quite well, and it seems like the safest way to do it for both animal and handlers. 
Don’t you let alpacas ride in the back of your van?
More pictures and video Here
Be sure to watch the video to see how they actually got Lucky on the floor.
The 4H kids do a great job handling the animals!

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