Visited a Forest Preserve

In Brush Prairie, back behind the sheriff’s office, is the new dog park. Behind that is a stand of trees. To get to the trees you have to drive past some signs that say ‘no trespassing’ and look like they mean it. The trick is that if you are brave enough to push on past, those trees are actually part of a county park. There is just one parking space by the gate. It is the Lauretta Norene Forest Preserve.

We took Jack and Barclay for a little walk there Wednesday. We had been heading for the dog park, but when we got there we saw there were a couple pit bulls on the ‘small dog’ side of the park where we usually go (it’s normally empty), and I don’t let my dogs play with dogs I don’t know, so we opted for a walk instead.

The forest preserve has this deep, dark, forest feel to it. It’s very cozy.

Lots of great stuff to sniff!

Dave handled Jack and worked on teaching him not to pull, while I walked Barclay on his flexi leash.

When you come out the other side of the woods you see this sign.

It’s not clear which part of the park is the Lauretta Norene Forest Preserve and which part is the Groth Nature Preserve, but all together it adds up to a beautiful stand of forest surrounded by rolling fields.

Really lovely rolling fields, and room for the dogs to run (as much as they can on leash, of course). It was so generous of people to put this land aside. It’s just gorgeous.
It was a bit cloudy, but normally you have beautiful views of Mt Hood. Here you can see snow-covered Silver Star Mountain on the horizon.

Back into the woods to head back to the car.

Happy dogs!

3 thoughts on “Visited a Forest Preserve

  1. Oh you're so lucky that your area's Nature Preserves permit dog walking. None of ours do and, like you said, they are just so beautiful.
    Dogs are probably denied because lazy people refuse to pick up their dog's waste and don't keep their dogs on a leash. But they punish all of us responsible dog owners instead. 😦


    That Nature preserve looks so primeval as if dinosaurs might run through at any moment. hehe!

    Great pics!



  2. Just saw your blog and thought I would give you a little background on the area. Lauretta Norene was my grandmother and she and my grandfather George Norene owned the 26 original acres that butt up to 149th street with the house on it and the area that we called the woods now called the Lauretta Norene Forest Preserve. After our grandparents passed our aunt and Uncle Laura and Norman Minkler continued to live there until Lauras death in the 90's. The woods was designated as Lauretta Norene forest Preserve in her honer while my aunt was still living and then the rest of the 26acreage was added after her death. The land later designatted as the Groth Nature Preserve was owned by the Groth family. Thanks to their efforts all of this beautiful area is still available for people to enjoy. thank you for sharing your story it is fun to read about the area still being enjoyed as we all did as kids in our family.


  3. Thank you so much for telling us more about it! We are so grateful your family generously donated it to be preserved for public use. What a joy it must have been to play in as kids!

    When I was searching for information about it on the net I couldn't find anything, so it's great to have this information preserved.

    Thank you!


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