Chicky Pix!

I spent a bit of time with the chicks this morning, just sitting and talking to them, looking them over to make sure no one needed any special attention. They are a week old now. So far, so good. Even the little one-eye’d one is still getting along fine.

I put a big branch in there for them to crawl over and perch on. They seem to enjoy it.

This annoyed girl had a bit of a poopy stuck to her bottom, so I caught her and cleaned her bottom. Turned out it was no big deal, but I figured better safe than sorry – sometimes they can get stopped up. Don’t want that!

Of course since I had caught one, the rest all cowered in terror thinking they were next.

I sprinkled some food out and they started to relax.
Look at the one standing on one foot stretching his wing out – they’re so danged cute!

Just look at this little chubby butt!

Once everyone had some food and water they started relaxing..
..and pretty soon it was nap time.

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