Removing the old compost pile

Almost ten years ago I built this compost box, and have been throwing stuff in there ever since. But I never took any compost out or did anything with it, and it’s been a weedy mess. So today I unscrewed the ends (and discovered I’d nailed the sides together – oh my building skills have grown a lot in the years since then), and pulled the sides down – leaving a perfectly compost box shaped mound of dirt and weeds. Hmmm, now what?

Two of the upright posts were surrounded by a giant anthill. I pulled them out and tossed them into the wagon, and then realized that they were hollowed out and most of the ants were living IN the posts! So what to do with them? I know someone who would enjoy a couple of ant-filled logs…

Happy chickens!

My next challenge is to get all that old compost cleaned up enough to use (there are chunks of sticks and stuff in it), and move it to the garden, which is looking pretty good. I was able to spread peat moss over most of the beds – though I still need a couple more bales of it, mostly to fill my raised bed. I spread flakes of straw on the ground to start killing the grass where the potatoes are going to go. The cardboard is doing a good job on most of the grass, now I just need to take care of the places where the grass is pushing up under the edges of the cardboard, I pretty much need to lay down more cardboard anywhere I still see green. And I guess I could stand to get some PVC to make hoops for some row covers and start getting some lettuce and spinach growing before it gets too warm.

2 thoughts on “Removing the old compost pile

  1. Looking good!

    I don't think I'd have to use cardboard here, 'cause grass doesn't come up as lush and green as yours does. Wow! It's so green there!

    I can't wait to see how your garden grow this year. I hope you are up to you eye balls in produce!



  2. Here we can't hardly stop the grass! It goes everywhere, it's very frustrating! I'm planning on using lots of cardboard and wood chips this year to try and get stuff under control. I sure hope all this work in the garden pays off with lots of fresh veg!


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