Chickens in the backyard

Chickens exploring the backyard. I let them out to wander around under the backyard trees, hunt for bugs. It was a beautiful day.

While the girls are pecking around, all you see are chicken butts, but this guy keeps his head up watching for hawks.

He has really grown into a spectacular rooster, and he’s never made so much as a move at me, though he did fuss at me once when I picked up one of the girls, but he didn’t attack.

2 thoughts on “Chickens in the backyard

  1. They are beautiful chickens. When I was about 6 we hatched a bunch of chickens. I loved it until one of the roosters got big and would try to peck me whenever I'd go out in the yard. 😦 I'd be running from him, trying to climb up trees to get away from him…


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