Garden update – 1 more row

One more row done – that’s three down and one more long row and one more short row to go. And of course this is just the compost layer. As soon as we get a chance to mow I’ll be laying on a layer of cut grass. On this latest row, halfway through I ran out of the chicken compost and had to switch to the llama compost.

And I moved the llama compost from the driveway to the garden with my new lawnmower! Yay! It also mowed a little path through the field to pull the trailer through, and did fine. Too bad it can’t shovel compost for me – I’m afraid I’m the weak link in getting more work done around here!

2 thoughts on “Garden update – 1 more row

  1. Oooh! What a grand experiment. It might be interesting to compare growth of the plants in the llama compost compared to the chicken compost. Cool!

    Wow! You've been working hard. The garden looks great!


    word verification: digge
    (funny! How ironic!)


  2. Sounds to me like you do A LOT of work. Between what I've read about all your activities on the Dog Scouts email list (I can't read all the emails on my phone, but I've read enough to know you've got a lot goin' on!) and what I'm finally being able to read on your blog, you are no slacker! I've been envying your energy, time management, discipline.


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